Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap Year Pixie

For the Leap Year in 2016 the school had a competition for the pupils to write a leap year story. 
I couldn't resist joining in. 
Here is my story.

Today is the 28th of February, which would normally mean that tomorrow is the first day of March. But not this year!
Tomorrow is the 29th; and the 29th of February is always a special day, but this one is even more special. For tomorrow is not only my birthday, it is also my thirteenth birthday! The most tiptop, zing-a-rooney special-est day of a pixies' life!
Now, as I'm sure you all know, pixies just love to play tricks - on friends, enemies, family, well anybody really! But only on a pixies' thirteenth birthday can they play any trick, any joke, any prank, on ANYONE, and no-one is allowed to do anything about it.
For twenty-four hours a pixie can get away with anything that they can dream of without having to worry about being told off, or someone getting their own back. So you can imagine that a pixies thirteenth birthday is a VERY special day indeed!
And I've had to wait FIFTY-TWO years for mine!!!!
For nearly fifty years - ever since I could first write - I have been keeping a notebook. A record of everyone who has ever annoyed me. Their name, what they did to annoy me, and exactly what I have planned for them. Waiting for just this one day.
I have been waiting… and planning… for a very long time!
So let's see who's first in my little black get-my-own-back notebook….

Mr Cap, my maths teacher - for making me learn my seventeen times tables off by heart when I was in Year 4. He is to have a rotten egg smashed on his head and rubbed in his hair.
Trouble is… he retired years ago, and come to think of it, the last time I saw him he didn't have much hair at all! He must be REALLY old by now! … Perhaps I should let him off. So, next?
Bongo Toadman. He pushed me into a muddy puddle when I was six. I was going to push him into the smelliest pond I could find and then throw horse poo at him.
But me and Toady have been best friends for the last forty years. It doesn't feel right to be doing that to him. I'll get him to sit on a whoopee cushion instead. Toady loves whoopee cushions!
I was going to lock my sister in a dark cupboard full of big hairy spiders - for just being an annoying girl!!! But you know, she's not as bad as she used to be. She's a lot nicer now that she's older, and she does get so terribly scared of spiders and the dark. Maybe I'll think of something else!
And then there's my baby brother. For hitting me over the head with his baby rattle, I was going to take his teddy bear and tear it up in front of him!
But he's not a baby anymore….. and he hasn't had a teddy bear in years and years and years!
 And Billy Hillock, and Astrid Poppyhead got married and moved away, so I can't tip a bucket of icy water over their heads for ignoring me in the school playground.  Ahhh!! They did look so happy together on their wedding day. I wonder what they're doing now?
And as for Stella Treetop. Well, I married her! So I'd better forget that one too.
You know. I don't think I want to do anything on my list anymore.
I'll just have to have a party instead, and invite everyone. There will be jelly and cakes of course. And balloons!
And lots and lots of whoopee cushions!!!!!

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