Monday, 6 March 2017

A Night-time Drive

In the car at night I see,
Stars on the ground where roads should be,
Distant streetlights in far off places,
Orange clouds and bright moon faces.
Pools of light around lamp-lit poles.
Darkness filling all the holes.

Motorway lights racing by.
Did anyone win, or was it a tie?
Juggernauts hauling heavy loads.
Cat's eye diamonds line the roads.
Headlight beam, and red tail-light,
Rushing madly through the night.

Silhouette trees that seem so high.
Stick black fingers caress the sky.
Nocturnal eyes are open wide,
In grassy banks where animals hide.
Rabbit, fox, and even deer,
Vanish quickly when cars are near.

Zoe and Paul Grant
March 2017

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