Friday, 20 September 2013

Matilda the Space Tiger

My 7 year old daughter Amy, loves to read and make up stories. She isn't yet so keen on the laborious task of writing them down.
So when the school set her homework of writing a story about space, she enthusiastically came up with lots of wonderful ideas; but when she realised how much she would have to write, the story ended up considerably abridged.

After much encouragement, this is her first story.....

Matilda the Space Tiger
Deep in the jungle, lived a tiger called Matilda. Her mother found  a  magic egg and gave it to Matilda.
One day Granny told her about space diamonds. Then Matilda said she would go up to space to get some.
So she got two hollow tree trunks, and tied them together with vines and built a hut on top out of leaves and sticks. She filled the tree trunk with dried grass and set it on fire by rubbing two stones together, climbed into the hut and was launched into space.
First, she went to the moon to collect moon-dust. When she added water to the dust it turned into blue moon diamonds. The she got back into her spaceship and set off again.
She arrived at Neptune and landed on the south pole of Triton. Then she collected ten pink ice diamonds.
She then got back into the rocket and launched herself back to earth. When she was home she gave five to Granny and kept five for herself to decorate her den.

The End
Amy A. Grant

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