Friday, 20 September 2013

The Rainbow Mystery

Amy's second writing homework was to describe a journey to the end of the rainbow.

The Rainbow Mystery
One sunny day, I was out walking my dog Bailey, along Dog Lane. When I let him off the lead, he found a cave that I hadn't seen before. Bailey ran into it and disappeared. I followed the path through the dark cave on and on, until I saw a light coming out of a hole. Looking out of the hole, I saw a magical land.
Bailey saw a pink cat. "Woof" said Bailey, and ran off chasing it, over a glass bridge, along a dark green road, into a large dark green castle.
I ran in after him, but the witch already had him tied up. The witch shouted " I will turn you into a pink cat, hee-hee-hee". She went to get her wand, and I quickly untied him and escaped.
There was a rainbow over the whole land, and in the distance, there was a flower palace, so we ran to it, where the Queen welcomed us.
She gave us some biscuits, and told us she wanted to cast a spell to get rid of the witch, but she needed chocolate chip coins from the pot at the end of the rainbow to make the spell.
The witch had cast a spell to keep the Queen in her palace. "Will you get them for me?" She said.
"Yes" I said, "but will you look after Bailey for me."
I walked through the forest, over a rickety stone bridge, by the jigsaw pond, and under the bubble rocks that float and bounce upon the ground.
At last, I got to the Red Dragon Beach, where the end of the rainbow was. The pot of gold was sitting in the water at the edge of the sea.
I collected all of the chocolate chip coins, and took them back to the Queen.
And then I took Bailey back home.
The End
Amy A. Grant

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